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Grab yourself a cup of Joe before you sit down to read this inspiring story of a young man’s battle with cancer. Joe is battling an inoperable grade of brain cancer, known as Astrocytoma. Through his life story you will learn what he has done to prolong his life, as well as the ups and downs of his journey and goals.

As a young boy, Joe was extremely active. Between basketball, hockey and riding bikes with friends, Joe was always busy with one physical activity or another. On top of this, he had pretty healthy eating habits (thanks to his parents!) Unfortunately, by the time he hit age seven, he started experiencing migraines. Staying active helped him forget about the discomfort and better manage his pain.

Year after year, Joe continued to stay active and even pursued new hobbies. He explored scuba diving, paintball, skydiving, hiking, and his personal favorite – music. He loved music so much, he started exploring and listening to everything. One of his first concerts was Metallica, becoming one of his favorite bands. Sadly, Joe’s migraines began to worsen as he got older, but he would always make an effort to reflect on all the good memories he still made – despite his discomfort. He never allowed migraines to control his life, no matter how painful and frequent they were. Until the unexpected happened.

On February 18th of 2012, Joe had a grand maul seizure that landed him in the ICU of Froedtert hospital. After many tests and an invasive biopsy, Joe finds out that he has a brain tumor. Not just any tumor – Astrocytoma the size of an egg, Astrocytoma is a type of brain cancer that is inoperable. Joe’s doctor estimates he has 2 years of life left.

Joe takes this crushing news to heart and decides to make some real changes in his life. He listened to his doctor and cut out all sugars from his diet (cancer feeds off of sugar) including everyone’s favorite vice – alcohol and soda. He also continued to utilize the heathy eating habits his parents instilled in him as a young man. According to Joe, the most important lifestyle change he made was seeking out new hobbies to help manage stress and keep his mind off of his cancer diagnosis. It’s now clear to Joe that his migraine headaches were never really headaches at all, but the tumor growing and growing.

10 years later, Joe continues to live a healthy lifestyle, blowing his estimated 2 years of life out of the water. He still works out every day, eats clean to a T, and attends live music with his friends. Joe’s hair even completely grew back a few years after his chemo treatments. “I don’t look at my life as being different from what it was before. I just made a few adjustments and I definitely don’t let cancer control my life. I can honestly say the lifestyle decisions I’ve made have helped me though this journey. Cancer doesn’t define me… my life choices do.”

There is so much more to Joe’s story. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to reach out to Joe. You may also schedule him as a guest speaker!

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